Sean Davis

Sean Davis is the author of The Wax Bullet War, a Purple Heart Iraq War veteran, and a community leader in the rural town of McKenzie Bridge, Oregon. His work with veterans and the homeless over a ten year period led him to be very politically active. He helped pass the Oregon Lottery Bill, the Oregon Wildlands Act, and he lobbied with help from his community to save the Leaburg Hatchery from being shuttered. Today, as a community organizer, he works with city, county, state, and federal lawmakers to make positive change in the surrounding communities. Sean is also a keynote and breakout speaker at schools, governmental organizations, and nonprofits.

Because of his work, Sean was awarded the Emily G. Gottfried Human Rights Award from the City of Portland, the Legionnaire of the Year award from the American Legion, the Gold Star Award from Helping Men Heal, and he was knighted by the Royal Rosarians.

As a writer, his latest stories, essays, and articles have appeared in various magazines and media sources such as Story Corps, the international fashion magazine Flaunt, Sixty Minutes and much more. He’s worked on movies and television as a writer and producer. Books he’s written include Oregon Wildland Firefighting: A History from the History Press, The Jesus He Deserved from GobQ Publishing, and The Wax Bullet War from Ooligan Press. He’s also written stories, articles, or chapters in The Misfit’s Manifesto from Simon & Schuster, City of Weird from Forest Avenue Press, and more.

In his 12 year military service, Sean fought in a revolution, the war in Iraq where he received a Purple Heart, and helped save lives in New Orleans during Katrina. He’s a wildland firefighter during the summers. He’s been a police officer, a bartender, a incident responder, a supernumerary in an opera, and currently lives in the mountains of Central Oregon with his wife, daughter, their dog Luna, and their three-legged cat Sunny.

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